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10/15/2017 Financial Aid Advisor (Part Time) The individual in this position is primarily responsible for the assessment which determines students' financial aid eligibility. Additionally, this individual is accountable for the one on one counseling and advising involved in ensuring students are compliant with their federal financial aid.

Essential Job Functions

    Meet with prospective students and determine their eligibility for financial aid and/or other most appropriate tuition options including payment plans, or other financing options. Advise students of all financial obligations.
    Follow up with pending financial aid students to ensure they have all information needed for their education decision.
    Process financial aid and verifications and ensure all financial aid required documents are collected.
    Prepare and draw down financial aid by the thrid day after the add drop period.
    Finalize Default report by the Monday following a final term end date by 12pm or as needed with dropped students.
    Independently execute decisions regarding student fall offs and process the necessary paperwork by Friday close of business of the week following the 30th day
    Engage Financial Aid students with poor attendance and progress and advise of solutions and consequences.
    Execute MPN’s within by the end of the drop/add period.
    Conduct Entrance and Exit counseling as due.
    Create Student Financial Aid Award.
    Continuously update all Financial Aid files for 100% audit ready compliance.
Illinois Media School - Chicago Campus Vanessa Hernandez Either